Best Wadi to visit in Oman


When visiting Oman, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the amazing and intriguing wadis. Wadi is the Arabic term for a valley but may also describe those riverbeds that only have water after heavy rains. They are very much a veritable oasis in a desert country.

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Top 5 Wadis in Oman

In Oman, wadis are those natural attractions that offer water as clear as the imagination allows, glorious mountains, and picturesque palm trees. It is not a case of ‘seen one, seen ‘em all when it comes to this country’s wadis, so aim to fully immerse yourself in as many as you can manage.

1. Wadi Ad Dayqah

This is not just a single wadi but the result of a convergence of a minimum of 120 small wadis. Extending between Wilayat Dimma Wa Tayeen in the Al Sharqiyah North Governorate to Wilayat Qurayat in the Muscat Governorate, it incorporates a couple of dams, one being the largest in the country, Dayqah Dam in Quriyat. This scenic natural attraction enjoys the crystal waters all year round and is ideally developed for the enjoyment of visitors and tourists.

The 69-mile drive on Route 17 takes motorists from Muscat to Wadi ad Dayqah.

2. Wadi Ash Shab

Wadi Ash Shab is in the Al Sharqiya region of eastern Oman. A favorite for bathers, hikers, campers, and rock climbers, it offers spectacular views, a submerged cave with its very own waterfall inside, emerald pools, indigenous date palms, and rocky cliffs.

To get to Wadi Shab from Muscat, travel 87 miles on the coastal road of Sur.

3. Wadi Bani Khalid


At Wadi Bani Khalid in the Al Sharqiya region of eastern Oman, visitors can expect year-round water flowing into its large pools. Characterized by scatterings of caves, Muqal cave among them, this Wadi winds its way through many villages at an altitude of 600 meters. The footbridges and well-equipped infrastructure make this an easily accessible wadi. Its giant white boulders are a majestic sight throughout the narrow canyon as it zigzags through the Hajar mountain range.

The best route for the just-about 147-mile car trip from Muscat is along the coastal road of Sur. The half-hour drive from Road 23 between Al Wasil and Al Kamil passes through villages to reach Wadi Bani Khalid.

4. Wadi Damm

In the Al Dhahirah region, this seasonal wadi, known also as Wadi Dhum and Wadi Dham, lies 28 miles outside of Ibri. It is popular among picnickers and campers and is a great setting for enjoying a barbeque. It relies on seasonal rain for its water and is known for its distinctive rocky formations, smooth rocks, and water bonds.

From Muscat, take Route 1 onto Highland Camp Street to Route 15. After 121 miles, exit from Route 21. Drive along Amla Road – Wadi Al-Ain, for 23.4 miles until your reach your destination.

5. Wadi Bani Awf

Wadi Bani Awf is a must for the adventurous and reaching it requires the use of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Not only does its location in the Batinah region deep in the Al Hamra mountains of Rustaq satisfy the adventure junky, it offers also unique scenery and access to the many nearby small villages.

With majestic cliffs, mountains, and canyons, the Snake Canyon trek is particularly appealing. This exceptional experience takes participants along a narrow zigzag water passage between the mountains.

Motorists take Route 1, Route 15, and Muscat Expressway‎ from Muscat to Barka – Nakhl Rd/Route 13 in South Al Batinah Governorate.

Hotels in Muscat

When considering hotels in a foreign setting, some may want a home away from home setting while others will want to be immersed in the cultures, tastes, sounds, and people of the host country. Taking all this into account, diverse suggestions seem in order.


Grand Hyatt Muscat

We leave the starting blocks with a 5-star luxury option in the very heart of Muscat. This Arabian offering from the Hyatt stable is almost on the Arabian Sea and affords guests remarkable views of the impressive Hajar mountains. The establishment promises authentic Arabian architecture melded with the opulence of Omani culture and warmth.

Guests can unwind and relax according to their personal wiles and wishes, with the use of the hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness and leisure facility and no less than 8 alternatives for dining and refreshment. Choose between suites and rooms, with 280 options.

Coral Muscat Hotel and Apartments

Less hotel and more beautifully furnished apartments, guests can choose from one to three bedrooms overlooking the capital city of Oman. Enjoy five-star service, hospitality, facilities, and leisure amenities in the center of the city. High-speed Internet access even extends to the adjoining beach!

Popular with families, the friendly atmosphere and services mean a good time for everyone, no matter the age or reason for visiting.

The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool, an on-site spa, a fully equipped fitness club, buffet and ala carte dining options, a rooftop shisha lounge, and a choice of delicious room service options.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

A secluded oasis at the foot of the mountains with a private beach in a picturesque setting sounds like the perfect resort for that breakaway with a difference. Guests revel in on-site watersports: clear-bottom kayaking, hydro-sport jetpacking, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddle boarding. Rest up in a luxurious villa or suite, nestled in the privacy of lush gardens.

Mysk Al Mouj Hotel

Not quite as boutique as is expected with 195 rooms, this four-star hotel within the waterfront community of Al Mouj is worth experiencing. Enjoy the rain shower after a day on the beach and take in the sea views from floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel is near only homegrown golf club, and nestled within green spaces with discreet walkways.

Restaurants in Muscat


For an immersion in Middle Eastern tastes and aromas and a sense of Oman’s enigmatic history, this is the place to dine. The restaurant takes its name from a long-lost city said to be submerged beneath modern-day Muscat’s southern quarters of Muscat. Omani cuisine and design are flaunted through the sweet Middle Eastern incarnations offered on the dessert menu. Traditional fare is on the menu alongside more unusual dishes such as camel biryani.

The Beach Restaurant

Get the sense of an al fresco beach picnic but with superior quality dishes served in style with a view of the Gulf of Oman. The seafood menu is well worth sampling! But this dining option is for dinner only, September through May.

Bait al Luban

This is where diners get their fill of the tastes and flavors of Omani food! Luban means Frankincense, and the establishment promises you a whiff of this fabled scent, evident in their hospitality and the unique dishes on offer.