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Travelling to Oman with Kids is an Adventure in Itself

When a person thinks about travelling, they imagine the peace of mind and relaxation. But when it comes to travelling with kids or foster kids, the idea of peace vanishes and relaxation is out of the door.

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As assumed, travelling across the globe with children can be a very difficult task, keeping in mind that different kids have different requirements and they require constant attention. You need to keep your kids entertained during your trip, and Oman is one of the best places in this perspective. It has so many options to do and see that your kids would constantly ask for more. Here, they will get ample opportunities to explore and learn new things, and most importantly, they will get a sense of freedom and happiness here. The idea of even planning a trip to Oman with the kids can be overwhelming but this should not stop you from actually doing it. In this article, we will tell you how to make your Oman trip a successful one with kids, and what few things you need to keep in mind.

Below are some suggested must-do activities and places to visit with your children when in Oman:

  • Visiting the Nomadic Desert camp is a delightful experience, as the children and the adults get to meet and stay in the hospitality of the Bedouin tribe, watch the sand dunes, ride the camels and see the sunset down in the horizon. It is an amazing experience to sleep under a starry sky with no electricity and just spend time with your kids around a fire camp.
  • You should visit the local handicraft shops of Oman and explore their local produce. The fascinating MuttrahSouq in Muscat, Nizba and SoharSouq are flooded with delicate handcrafts and pottery which are worth looking. You might also arrange some craft workshops like these for your kids to enjoy the local art and culture, and be a part of this amazing experience. As a bonus, you can buy some beautiful souvenirs for your kids like Aladdin- lamps and trinkets which they can take back home.
  • No kid has ever said no to sea shell collecting, and there is no better place than the Al Sawadi Beach. It is one of Oman’s most beautiful beaches where your kids would enjoy this activity. Your children can get engaged in collecting wonderful and colorful shells for their collection, and you can enjoy the waves with your partner. The experience can become all the more fascinating during low tides, when the shore is flooded with different starfishes, which is a sight to behold. It is a brilliant place to explore for children and adults alike.
  • You can also visit the Misfah Oasis located on the steep side of the mountains which is carved into terraces and is surrounded by date palms. It is a sight to remember when the sun sets down over the mountains and you can enjoy the scene from the rooftops of the terrace with your loved ones. Your kids would love to take a walk around the village, get along with the local culture, and stop by the fascinating old stone houses. All this waits for the charming and warming dinner at the old Misfah House where you can enjoy the sunset with your family and kids.

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5 Tips To be considered when travelling to Oman with Kids

Below are some suggestions which you might want to consider for making your time in Oman worth it, both for yourself and for your kids:

  • Oman is a little adventurous spot with a lot of activities. Plan an itinerary with lots of activities and sight-seeing spots, but do not overdo it. Too much travelling can be harassing for your children. Your Oman trip is supposed to be comfortable and exciting. Your kids should feel the comfort and peace of home but at a different place with some cool activities. What can be the better way to achieve that than planning a light and fun trip with your beloved children. It is important to understand what kind of things the kids are into and plan the trip accordingly. If the children are shy by nature, they will not become party animals only because you are travelling. So planning some activities which might interest their personality must be included in your trip.
  • On a family vacation to Oman, everyone wishes to get away from the dull and monotonous environment of their home, and this is why it is advised to allow your children to have their freedom. Letting some rules and strictness loose helps them enjoy and it gives them a sense of freedom while in Oman. Be it eating sweets and ice-cream every day or playing on the iPad for an extra hour, they should be allowed to enjoy themselves and understand that when on an Oman trip, the rules are all different, fun and enjoyable.
  • Kids need a sufficient amount of rest and sleep to actually be able to enjoy, or else they can become tired easily and can harass themselves and the parents for the same. Thus, it is advised to pick hotels or rentals which are comfortable and kid-friendly. This is because sometimes the rooms that you pay for may not accommodate all children, and this can be distracting during bedtime. This is why, family apartment rentals are a convenient option as you get an extra room for kids, a kitchen for the one who rises up early and to prepare food for the fussy and time-consuming eaters. But still, there are many families who are able to manage and accommodate in hotel rooms and the fact they have kids do not hold them back from paying for luxuries of a hotel. So, be clear about your choices, keeping in mind the requirements of the kids and yours too so that the whole family can enjoy.

Oman is a beautiful place with various tourist spots, on land and in the sea-water too. One can go to the shopping mall to have fun and gala time, play various games after a major shopping haul, or dive into the waters to see the beautiful wild dolphins. The place has a lot to offer to make your trip memorable, but if your kids are not adjusting with the environment despite all your efforts, then the last and most convenient option is to hire a babysitter or get child-day-care services. You might hire a babysitter from your hometown and allow them to travel with you throughout the trip, or you might just hire a local day-care service who is aware of the all the local delicacies and favorable children spots to ease your job, and keep your kids busy and active. Such services become unavoidable especially when your child is too young or has special needs to look after, so there is no harm in having an extra pair of hands to help you enjoy your trip with your loved ones.

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Oman is a wonderful place with breezy beaches, Rocky Mountains and other adventurous tourist spots that will make your family trip a memorable one. Use these tips to make your trip comfortable with kids, so that both you and your children can have memories to cherish for lifetime.

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