What to pack to take with you to Oman

Packing for a holiday can be a bit of a pain. For the most organised among you, it can mean endless lists and checks and re-checks of your luggage to make sure you have everything you need.
Not all packing lists were created equal though and travelling to a country like Oman in the Arabian Peninsular can mean making a few tweaks to your carry-on. By researching the country thoroughly and knowing everything you can, you can make the best choices and adjustments to your luggage. As always you must take into account local customs and limitations on what you can and can’t wear, but that’s what we will be addressing now.

what to pack for oman

Packing for the weather

Oman is hot. Like, very hot. During the summer months, Oman can reach to well over 35 Degrees Celsius on a regular basis. This means that you MUST be prepared for all of the hot weather during your holiday.
This means that you must be packing hot weather travel essentials. These include:

  • A wide-brimmed hat where possible to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as a decent pair of sunglasses.
  • Sun cream. Make sure to take a high factor sun cream as the sun will almost certainly be present at pretty much every point during the day. Just be sure to check what you are allowed to travel with on planes and through any customs port.
  • More changes of clothes than usual. It’s hot, you will sweat. That is just human nature, so ensure you have the clothes hand to deal with an ever-increasing pile of dirty and worn clothes during your travels. If your hotel has a laundry function then take advantage.
  • You won’t be carrying gallons through customs but always have a bottle of water handy when out of your hotel. This helps to prevent the dangers of heat stroke and dehydration. Always know where you can top up and get more.

Taking into account local customs

Even though it is in the middle east, which is known for its strict dress codes and traditions, Oman is quite easy going when compared with other Arab countries, possibly due to its heavy push into its tourism industry. However, if you are visiting places of religious or cultural value, or even smaller, out of the way villages, then you will be expected to cover up.
This means to have your shoulders and legs covered to your knee as a minimum for everyone, as well as hair and arms for women. So don’t overload on tank tops and shorts and ensure to pack something that meets these criteria, especially if you plan on going to religious buildings like the Grand Mosque. Always check local customs before heading out and act accordingly.

What to wear for travelling

Pack your walking shoes. Oman is a country with rough roads and beautiful scenery and if you’re not in a 4×4 you’re likely walking somewhere.
This means you must pack a good and sturdy pair of boots or shoes that can withstand heavy use, rough roads and high temperature during the summer. Coordinate this with your clothes as well to ensure that when you’re out on the road you are as comfortable as possible while minimising risks of sun damage.

Pack your documents

It will seem obvious enough but always double check that you have the right documents with you. If you have hired a car, bring your licenses. If you have any printable tickets or documents have them tucked away safely in your bags before you leave. You likely won’t get a chance to print them while in Oman.
Also, have you visa paperwork to hand if required. Oman is now introducing E-visas which eliminate pretty much all paperwork, but if you submitted it by hand, then keep your documents front and centre, otherwise, you may struggle when you arrive at customs.